About the Practice



The doctor will spend approximately one hour with each patient in order to determine the precise cause of your problem. During this consultation, a history and examination will be taken and performed. This examination will consist of neurological and orthopedic procedures. Specialized functional assessments such as gait analysis, postural analysis, muscle testing and functional biomechanics will also be incorporated into the analysis. Depending on the patient’s presentation, a radiological exam may be necessary for the doctors to rule out any pathology. Each patient will then have a detailed explanation of all findings and the importance of the findings. It is at this point that the doctor will notify the patient if the clinic will be able to help their chief complaint, or if it will be better managed by referral.
Physical exam findings and interpretation by the doctor will dictate the treatment protocol. The treatment may consist of but is not limited to spinal manipulation, acupuncture, self-treatment advice, therapeutic modalities, nutritional and rehabilitation protocols.



After the first treatment the doctor will discuss with you your individualized and specific treatment plan. This will serve as an explanation and what to expect during your recovery. Short and long term goals will be discussed along with any other questions that may arise. The doctors may find it necessary to observe certain daily activities, whether it’s ergonomics at the work place, or watching the athlete compete.



We encourage honesty and that all patients want to take their health into their own hands. We expect you to follow the treatment protocol that Serenity Health and Wellness has prescribed, whether it is keeping your appointment, following home exercises/rehabilitation or nutritional support. We as a clinic can give you the foundation to recovery, but health is ultimately in the hands of the patient.
What you can expect.
You can expect to be treated with the respect and dignity that you deserve. Each of the doctors visualizes each patient as an individual. Everyone is treated with the best possible approach to his or her problem, whether it is in the office or in conjunction with other health care providers. With this in mind it is important to note, that both of the doctors, Kristine Tohtz and Thomas Lotus stay abreast to new protocols and research. Both doctors have an open mind for procedures and protocols as long as they increase the health and recovery of the patients. Both Dr. Tohtz and Lotus believe in what Dr. Karel Lewit preaches:
“I am always aware of how many things which I taught in my long past have since been proven wrong. The most important attitude is therefore to be constantly aware that what you are doing and teaching now you will have to modify and correct in view of new facts. Thus you must keep and open mind of new knowledge, even if it sometimes shows that what you believed and taught before was wrong.”
You can rest assure that the protocols used with each patient are current and proven to work. Both doctors strive on new research and knowledge.



Problems do not occur over night; therefore, pain does not subside overnight. Even though the pain may have abruptly begun, you can be certain that the problem may be chronic in nature. Pain is usually the last symptom to develop and the first to dissipate. Let us begin to shift our mindset.