“I used to get pain in my hips, shins and knees every time I would run long distances. I started seeing Dr. Lotus who worked with me on the reeducation of different muscle areas; he even had a fantastic pair of orthotics made for me. Since working with him, I was able to complete both a half ironman triathlon and a marathon this year pain free.”
– M. M.

“I visited several other doctors and therapists before coming to Serentity just 30 days before the marathon. Dr. Lotus understood my desire to run the race and committed himself to making sure I made it to the starting line. He quickly diagnosed my problem, established a rehabilitation plan, and helped revise my training schedule. I not only made it the starting line but finished the marathon pain free”
– D. G.

“After struggling to see results after six months of physical therapy, I was referred to Serenity Health and Wellness. Within weeks of working with Dr. Lotus I noticed staggering results that would end up saving my young baseball career. The one-on-one training and modern methods used by Dr. Lotus allowed me to regain 100% movement in my shoulder and made me stronger than I was prior to surgery. Thank you Serenity Health and Wellness and Dr. Lotus for aiding my quick recovery and allowing me an injury-free season where I could perform at my peak level. Thanks for everything!”
– M. G.

“I have been working with Dr. Tom Lotus for a year now. He has been helpful with treating me from injuries caused by marathon and triathlon training. I first went in to see Dr. Lotus during my first marathon training in the winter of 2006-2007. He was recommended to me by a fellow triathlete who had been using his services for some time. My complaint was serious calf pain. The pain had progressed to so severe that I was not able to run more than a couple of miles 4 weeks before the Miami Marathon in 2007. Dr. Lotus diagnosed the pain, treated it and also prescribed massage therapy, which is available on site. He made time to see me every other day and promised to get me ready to run pain free. He is very knowledgeable, accommodating and can lift your spirits during sports injury time like no one else! Sure enough, after 3 weeks of rigorous treatment and some rest I was ready to run my marathon. It all happened, pain free, just as promised. Later on I took advantage of Dr. Lotus’s knowledge of biomechanics and we came up with orthotic to fix the original problem. Cheers!”
– V.

“As an athlete the number one worry I have is if I get injured who can I turn to that is knowledgeable, helpful, and most importantly that can fix me. Dr. Lotus is truly the best in Chicago for this very purpose. I have worked with him for 3 years and during that time he has helped me finish an Ironman, 2 marathons, and multiple triathlons. Anytime I feel any sort of discomfort I turn to him and he is able to identify the problem, develop a strategy to fix it, and follows-up with me to check on my progress. I feel 100% confident that when I am in pain from training, he will be able to fix the problem quickly. He also has helped a lot with injury prevention such as teaching me how to stretch better and exercises I can do to strengthen my body so I can train more efficiently. I have referred many other athletes to him and they all feel as I do that he truly is a “Miracle Doctor”. I feel very fortunate to have worked with him for many years and look forward to continuing working with him so he can keep helping me achieve my athletic goals.”
– J. K.

In January 2006, while training for a highly competitive position within the federal law enforcement community, I sustained several tears to my rotator cuff. Not knowing where to turn, several of my co-workers and friends recommended Serenity Health and Wellness for diagnosis and treatment. With the belief that Serenity was solely a Chiropractor’s office, I was more than a bit skeptical. Nonetheless, Serenity was highly recommended by my friends with a cult-like fanaticism! Upon my first visit, Dr. Lotus decisively diagnosed the injury and immediately scheduled a follow-up consultation with a well regarded orthopedic surgeon at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Together, Dr. Lotus and the surgical team at the RIC opted against surgery, believing rehabilitation was the best treatment for me. With my ever changing work schedule, I returned to Serenity Health and Wellness for rehabilitation where their team put together a comprehensive plan tailored to meet my goals. Over the next several months, I became a “regular” at Serenity’s office utilizing deep tissue massages to break-up scar tissue and anodyne treatments to reduce inflammation after intensive therapy. I was most impressed with Serenity’s holistic approach to the treatment of my injury; they were even attentive to my diet and fluid intake to maximize, not only the healing process, but my overall health. Today, close to a year after the injury, my shoulder is stronger than ever before. Now, I recommend their services to everyone I know. I always preface my recommendation by saying, “It’s not just a Chiropractor’s office!”
– S. R.

It has been nearly six months since beginning this process with you and I thought it only appropriate for me to share my results with you.
First, my deep and heart felt gratitude for all that you and Shawn have done for me. Words cannot begin to describe how your efforts have changed my life. If you recall, I have been in shoe orthotics for more than 17 years. I have been trying to manage the physical issues that have arisen from flat feet and poor foot alignment for as long as I can remember. I believe whole heartedly that the injuries I have sustained to my ankle and both knee’s as well as the pain I had in my hip and back are certainly attributable to my feet.
I came to you in June 2007 after having reconstructive ankle surgery. At 38 years old I certainly could not understand the continued breakdown in my body and was becoming concern that I was going to have to begin giving up some of the sports and activities I love some much. I had heard your name and reputation a number of times in Endurance Sports circles and wanted to learn more about you and what you did. The process since our first meeting has far exceeded my expectations. From the very beginning your approach and efforts have been very unique and amazingly thorough. At times I found it difficult to understand how video taping me walking or watching me run in multiple pairs of shoes, or all of the different types of analysis of my feet could possible be necessary. I certainly struggled to understand all the “tweaking and adjust” we did. I guess the reason is because none of the other Podiatrists that I have worked with over the years have taken the time, analysis or approach that you did. But standing here now fully immersed in all of the sports and activities I love with NO PAIN and stronger than ever, it begins to make sense.
In the business world the most successful are those that blaze their own path, the ones that have the talent and confidence to think outside the box, the ones who can look at a conventional problem and solve it in a unique way. So I guess it only makes sense that the really successful doctors, the ones that have the ability to really help their patients are also the ones who refuse to accept conventional as their boundries. Dr. Lotus……thank you for not being ordinary but rather extrodinaire!!!!
– B. A.

In the practice before my first varsity game of my junior year at The Latin School of Chicago, I somehow managed to slightly tear my hamstring. Dr. Lotus said they were micro-tears, from what he could determine, and that my recovery time could be anywhere from a month to four, depending on the severity of the injury. I was referred to Dr. Lotus though a teammate, and this referral basically saved my season. I had never been much for physical therapy in the past, as the only serious injuries I’d ever sustained during my sports career were a sprained wrist and a sprained ankle. At first, Dr. Lotus’s methods seemed pretty usual; it was clear that he was very experienced in dealing with cases like mine, and not only analyzed my injury with great accuracy, but also told me the anatomical cause of my muscle tear. Our therapy began with a vast amount of stretching, including extensive stretching of my hip flexors, which were the indirect cause of my hamstring tear. After a few sessions, however, Dr. Lotus began some sort of infant reflex treatment that he had learned how to do in Eastern Europe. He explained that it was experimental, but could work wonders for my condition if it worked. We began the treatment; I would assume a variety of positions relating to how a child learns to walk, crawl, stand, etc., and he would push pressure points on me, forcing my body to react with reflexes out of my control. After a while of this, the strength and durability of my hamstring significantly increased, and after around three weeks of this treatment, I was scheduled to have an MRI done of my leg. Sure enough, a big white blotch appeared right in the back of my leg, and Dr. Lotus told me that, though the image could have just been fluid left over from the rupture, I should be very careful, and that I was by not means fully healed. After he gave me the bad news, we left the room and I performed exceptionally in all of the exercises we did, and at the end of the session I sprinted up and down the street outside of the office. The experience was incredible for me, and I owe the second half of my high school season (and possibly my club season) to Dr. Lotus’s great advice and treatment. I don’t know where I’d be without his guidance. Thanks, Tom!!
-Z. G.

“As an amateur but aspiring triathlete, my knee injury was a serious setback and a possible impediment to me completing my first Ironman triathlon. Through the help of Serenity Health & Wellness and Dr. Lotus, I was able to complete my first race stronger than I ever imagined. As Dr. Lotus said, “The goal here is not to return you to training at 100% but rather at 110%.” That he did! In my knee case, Dr. Lotus not only focused on short term healing but also increased my long term athletic performance by making my body more resistant to injury. Dr. Lotus understands that each patient is different and tailored a rehabilitation schedule uniquely for me—with an eye toward quickly returning to training and breaking the tape at the finish line. Now, I visit Serenity Health & Wellness and Dr. Lotus on a regular basis, even without injury, in order to increase my performance and prepare for my second Ironman!”
-J. L.

“I had back problems for over ten years before I went to Serenity Health and Wellness. Like many people I had seen doctors and physical therapists and generally gone through a string of nearly useless treatments. Then a co-worker recommended Serenity and Dr. Tom Lotus. Now, I’m in a wheelchair from breaking my neck over 30 years ago. Because of my spinal cord injury, I’d been told not to go to a chiropractor by my former doctors. But, I decided nothing else was working and that I’d take the chance.
My initial meeting with Dr. Lotus was all that I could hope for and far more than I expected. The thing that was most impressive is that Tom truly listens to his patients. I’ve seen doctors as a patient and worked with many doctors as a psychotherapist. The good ones listen. I had some concerns that Tom not only listen to, but discussed them with me and reassured me he would in no way do anything to jeopardize my safety and health. From there we went into a collaborative effort to help me feel better.
Before I left that day I also got to meet Dr. Kristine Tohtz. Also a chiropractor, Kris also uses acupuncture and Chinese medicine to help her patients. In the two years of going to Serenity (before moving to another state) I saw Kris many times to avail myself of her expertise. Not being fond of needles, I found it quite easy to go through acupuncture treatments and was certainly helped by the process.
One of the other services offered by Serenity is medically based massage therapy. I found this to be a significant part of my recuperation and later of my maintaining my comfort. The therapists that worked with me were knowledgeable and expert in their work and never seemed to mind the extra work it took to accommodate my disability.
And finally, but in no way least, the office staff. This included several people over my time with serenity. All were friendly and helpful in making sure I was scheduled correctly and that my billing was correct. Saying this seems to little for the job they did.
When you enter Serenity Health and Wellness, you discover a place that “feels good” as it helps you to feel good. to use older terms, the vibes are really good. I developed a friendship with the people at Serenity. I never felt like I was “just a patient.” I started relaxing just going in the door. I looked forward to seeing everyone there.
I’ve moved to Dallas now. I haven’t found a place to replace what I had at Serenity. I know I’ll never replace the people.
By the way, they fixed me. I knew that my posture had something to do with my back pain. Tom figured out that the way I had been sitting in my wheelchair for the past 30 years was twisting my spine in way that really hurt the nerves in my back. It didn’t take long before he figured where I needed to put some extra cushioning under one leg and behind my back on one side to allow my back to be biomechanically and ergonomically aligned. As long as I do that…no pain. What more could you ask for.”
-D. G.

“Dr. Tom Lotus has educated my staff and me with valuable knowledge of human biomechanics. This has enhanced our understanding of what proper footwear can and should accomplish.
Personally, Dr. Lotus has helped me develop more confidence with clients and increase my success rate with shoe fittings. My fitting process is now more hands-on and views the clients individual needs by formulating a more accurate model of an individual’s gait. I can then correlate her/his needs with the current footwear available.
I have received many more compliments and appreciation for my service since implementing what I’ve learned from Dr. Lotus. Therefore, I’ve been able to generate more long term customers and find even more enjoyment form my work.
With Dr. Lotus our store has built a successful working relationship and I’ve formed a great personal friendship.”
-T. H.